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ISA player programs are the premier academies and travel teams throughout the world. These programs were formed with a methodical structure and created to develop the player based on methods and research from ex-pro players and coaches.

The programs begin with the early ages of establishing good fundamentals and ascend into advanced high school and college techniques.


Training Program ISA Academies/Travel Program Other Academy/Travel Team (A) Other Academy/Travel Team (B) Other Academy/Travel Team (C)

Ex-Pro and high Collegiate coaches who are hand-picked by ISA.

Ex-Pro coach who put together his own local program.

Coach with some baseball experience.

Usually a dad coach or multiple dads.


Focus is on complete development of the player with unlimited resources such as guest pro coaches, the newest high-tech analytical tools, and the latest training techniques.

Focus is wanting to develop the players but they lack the resources of ISA.

Focus is on winning at all costs.

Coach's main concern is team rankings and winning tournaments.

Players from other areas are brought in to replace other players to win more games.

Focus is usually on the group of dads forming a team in order to get their kids more playing time on the field.


Learning the basic fundamentals of the game.

High-school prep College prep Pro prep both nationally and internationally. 

ISA sets specific goals for each level of development and takes pride in making sure players achieve those goals.

Don't really have levels of development.

Players usually develop on their own by having to hire private lessons and training on the side.

Coach looks for already developed players at each specific position in order to win as many games as possible.

Zero development.

Dad coaches are just happy to get their kids extra playing time but usually neglect the other kids.


Practices are focused on developing players at all positions.

Practices are usually the same for each group without specific goals.

Practices are focused on winning only.

Practices are usually limited and with very basic drills.


Developing each player into an overall athelte is paramount at ISA.

Coach tries to rotate players in different positions but usually ends up back to one or two positions because they don't have enough coaches to develop the players at multiple positions.

Players usually learn only one, maybe two positions and practice at those positions only.

Players usually don't get to play mulitple positions or the position that they are best at due to the dads coaching.


International exposure.

Compete against other countries.

Learn how different cultures play the game.

Play against local, regional and national teams.

No international exposure.

Compete only against local or regional teams.

No international exposure.

Compete in high competition tournaments but against local and regional teams.

No international exposure.

Compete in scrimmage games and random tournaments against local and regional teams.

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